Submission Opportunity & Schedule Change: Discussions Moved to Saturdays

Hi readers!

This is just a short email to tell you I’m changing the schedule a little bit. Since it seems like most of you have more time to participate in discussions on Saturdays, I’ll be moving the discussion posts to those days.

Essay posts will resume next week, and my long-form feature on Everglades conservation should appear in Outside Magazine around the same time.

Submission Opportunity

Additionally, I’m taking reader submissions of analysis essays on our readings. There is no word-count limit or prompt. It’s just a chance to share your insight with our subscribers. Please feel free to get literary, weird, or personal, but remember that focused essays that go deep on one subject are better than essays that try to do a little bit of everything.

If you’d like to submit an analysis essay (or hybrid essay, or personal essay, or whatever!) on our reading, please send it in the body of an email to or share it on Google Docs to the same address.

As always, thanks for reading with me!